Pillars of Expertise


iLEAD’s Operating Pillars




 iLEAD’s Clinical Platform

  • Clinics can perform needs assessments, protocol and algorithm development
  • Clinic networks are GCP managed, within Ministry of Health systems
  • We can perform approved clinical trials
  • Clinics enable patient workflow assessments, linked to patient care programs
  • Clinics can operate mobile units
  • Clinics have Research and Development capabilities and connectivity
  • Clinics include public and private partnerships

Quality Assurance Platform

  • Quality standards apply to Research and Development, material development, program design and connectivity development
  • Quality standards are achieved through GCP and GCLP training and certification (including laboratory and clinical infection control training)
  • ISO, QA and QMS compliance is standard
  • International EQA participants include providers and monitors
  • Training initiatives include accredited web-based options
  • Connectivity quality is enhanced through dashboards, web, SMS and technology applications

Statistics, Health Economics and Business Intelligence Platforms

  • iLEAD uses laboratory method comparisons and biostatistics
  • iLEAD conducts epidemiology and public health assessments
  • Health economics includes costing, modelling and business development
  • Big data analysis and dashboard visualisation are utilised
  • Partners include leading universities, private industry and public health bodies

Global Network and Information Dissemination Platform

  • Stakeholder interaction and networking is facilitated
  • Trials consortia and project networks are linked
  • Services are integrated
  • Guidelines and policy development are shared
  • Graduate teaching (medical, biomedical, engineering, science and technology) and training (laboratory and clinics) are supported
  • iLEAD’s global network include international health organisations, universities, business and public and private clinics and laboratories





iLEAD’s Laboratory Platform

  • Our laboratories are fully accredited for clinical trials for diseases such as HIV and TB
  • Our laboratories enable protocol development and training
  • Our laboratories enable Research and Development innovations and evaluations
  • Our laboratory network is connected via middleware, laboratory information systems and dashboards
  • Our laboratories are biorepositories (H3 Africa) with IATA-approved shipping services
  • Laboratories have GIS mapping service modelling
  • Laboratories offer speciality services such as haematology, immunology, virology, pharmacokinetics, microbiology, chemical pathology and genotyping
  • Laboratory partners include expert committees, speciality laboratories and leading diagnostic suppliers